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About the Program

B4Backs is a unique program teaching you how to control, alleviate, reduce and ultimately prevent back and neck pain yourself.

B4Backs combines postural correction, pain prevention, mobilising, stretching and strengthening exercises, together with relaxation techniques to effectively put you firmly in control of your own body.

Prevent Back Pain Yourself

You will learn to understand how to take control of your back problem by mobilising, stretching, relaxing and strengthening the entire body.

Changing Day-to-day Activities

We change the way you stand, sit, walk, bend, lift, sleep in fact all aspects of daily life, thereby eliminating contributing factors to back pain.

Monitoring and Evaluations

A comprehensive assessment and weekly monitoring of pain & stress levels, demonstrate positive results which you are able to view on line.

Videos of Exercises & Routines

After each sessions you will receive videos to put into practice. These routines are between 5 and 30 minutes to provide realistic goals.

Workshops & Classes

Our Postural Workshops provide you with the tools to prevent repetitive back strain. Our classes focus on opitmising function of the entire body.

Free Taster Session

Attend a Free Taster sessions to experience our unique methods which change peoples lives and enable you to reduce pain levels dramatically.

"I attended B4Backs and found it to be extremely useful. I continue to highly recommend
my patients with back problems to attend this excellent program."

Dr Sylvia Abramov – JDoc

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