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Imagine life without Back Pain
Building Better Backs & Bodies (B4) is a comprehensive
programme designed to teach you how to control, alleviate,
reduce and ultimately prevent back and neck pain yourself.

B4 puts you in charge of your body instead of relying on others to make you better. Whether you suffer with muscle spasm, sciatica, whiplash, hypermobility or other neck or back problems, B4 will enable you to get your body functioning at its optimum level. B4 combines postural correction, pain prevention, mobilising and stretching exercises, together with relaxation techniques.
B4 was devised by Adrienne Golembo, a Remedial Masseuse & Movement Therapist who originally developed the programme to help reduce her own pain and has been successfully teaching people how to help themselves since 1997.

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B4 - Massage
B4 Remedial Massage is a unique and highly effective method of dramatically and quickly reducing your pain.
Combining acupressure, shiatsu, manual manipulation, deep tissue massage and traction,†your massage will be tailor made to solve your problems.
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B4 - Parkinson's
The B4 principles have been successfully applied to helping Parkinson's Disease patients for over 10 years.
The B4 programme will increase stability, minimise "freezing", alleviate back & neck pain and help you with Parkinson's related postural and muscular problems.
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B4 - Pregnancy
The B4 programme will teach you how you can walk, move, sleep, work and relax in a way which will help any existing back, leg and pelvic pain, and prevent further back pain.
And you will love the B4 Pregnancy Massage...
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Building better backs & bodiesBuilding better backs & bodies
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